Accessorizing with the pocket square


Let us be clear about one thing - we love pocket squares! They add a visible touch of personality to even the most conservative style. It is also a defining feature for a man of style. And quite frankly, we think your suit or blazer (even with no necktie) looks naked without one.

As with many accessories, there are always questions about how to wear them in a way that the accessory is just that - an accessory (not overtaking the main garment). So, let us clear a few things up regarding the pocket square.

Mix or Match?

Very often we get questions about which piece of garment your pocket square should match - shirt? tie? socks? Our answer is very simple, our style is that we never want a matching tie and pocket square (just not how we roll) but it should be a complement to the shirt and the necktie.

The best test as to whether it compliments the shirt and necktie is to look at yourself in the mirror before leaving. If you have a significant other, ask them what they think (frowns or pauses may mean you could be heading down the wrong pocket square road - unless your significant other is a style which case the frown or pause doesn't matter). Basically, if it feels right and you are confident wearing it, then rock it!

White or Color?
Classic white should always be in your possession. It is a good option for the times when you may not have a proper color pocket square to match what you are wearing. However, don't limit yourself to white pocket squares. The beauty of pocket squares is that they now come in all sorts of colors and textures.

One note regarding colors and textures - please avoid the shiny pocket square. We need you to trust us on this one - you'll thank us later.

Our recommendation is to add color. Try different designs, textures and even a few crazy patterns. The great thing about this accessory is that even a supremely colorful pocket square (when executed properly) will not detract from a superbly fitting suit.

How Do I Fold It?
Many fashion advisors feel that the pocket square needs to be folded with fine precision to achieve the proper look - we don't! Don't get us wrong, we think that it should be neatly housed in your breast pocket (don't make it appear like you are showing up for a circus act) but we are fans of using many different folds fitted to personal taste and executed with stylish aptitude. 

For those of you that would like some official guidance on one method for properly folding your pocket square, here is a suggested fold pattern that we liked by our friends at GQ Magazine - enjoy! For the rest of us, continue to create your own style of pocket square flair.

  Courtesy of GQ Magazine

Courtesy of GQ Magazine

Is It Functional?
Let's not spend a lot of time on this one. Pocket squares are strictly for style and complementing your suit or blazer. If you are thinking of using it to blow your nose - don't do it (if you do, we will appear and quickly send you to the corner for an adult timeout - we can sense these things). Anything you use to blow your nose should be in your pants pocket or elsewhere - not visible.

The Final Word
We think that you should adorn every suit blazer and jacket with a pocket square for that added character to an already stylish presentation. Remember, the pocket square is for "looks" only and it should fit very comfortable into your breast pocket (if it is too bulky then refold).

We are not sticklers for a strict style of folding the pocket square but just make sure it looks appropriate and not like you are about to ride a small bicycle with a little dog running behind you as part of a circus act.

White is ok but color and texture is better. Keep the white classic on hand for occasions when you need it, but add many different color, texture and pattern options to your pocket square assortment. This also helps with not wearing the same pocket square too often. In general follow the same rule for the pocket square that you would for your neckties. You likely will not wear the same tie two days in a row or even twice in the same week. Use that as the rule of thumb for your pocket squares.

As always, should need more advice on how to execute this look, schedule a consultation with one of our 
Style Advisors.