We take great care to ensure that each Devlon Paris suit meets our standard of garment excellence. Our process follows a path of detailed design, meticulous construction and our double verification quality control process. This process ensures that each Devlon Paris garment features superb workmanship and the highest level of quality.

Upon completing your consultation with our Style Advisor, your measurements and fabric selections are thoroughly reviewed by our design team. Even though our fit and fabric sessions are very detailed, we realize that at times mistakes may be made.

The order review process is independent of the Style Advisor that conducted the consultation. This allows us to have a fresh set of eyes from our design team to look for possible oversights or errors. We prefer to contact you right away if any errors need to be corrected. Our company approach is one of transparency, where appropriate, so that you are fully aware of your order status.

After the order review is approved by our design team, we then review each order with our manufacturing team. The purpose of this second review is to ensure that any garment construction concerns are addressed and to ensure that no design elements are lost in translation between our design team and our manufacturing team.

The lead members of our design and manufacturing teams meet weekly to review any design specific concerns or questions for orders being reviewed for that week. 

The garment production process begins with trousers that are constructed from the desired fabric, lined to the knee and properly measured for the correct fit. If a vest is included in the order, this is created and lined with the same material featured in the jacket lining.

The final step of the process is the construction of the jacket. All jackets feature a hand stitched interior lining with a signature fabric that complements the jacket design. Our jackets also feature functional jacket sleeve buttons. Any desired monograms are applied during the final steps of the production process.

Once the garment has finished the production process, we then send it through two quality assurance checks. The initial quality inspection is carried out by our manufacturing quality assurance team. The goal of this check is to ensure that the garment has been constructed according to design and that there are no construction oversights.

The final quality check is overseen by our merchandise team prior to approving the garments for distribution to clients. All garments must receive approval and sign-off during this final quality check.

Once the garment has been approved, it is then prepared for delivery.