Here is what to expect during your Devlon Paris Fitting Appointment


When you make an appointment, you are paired with a member of our Style Advisor team. This individual will be your personal guide through the entire fitting and style process. A $75 deposit is required to confirm your fitting appointment.

If you do not live near a Devlon Paris style and fitting area, we will follow up with arrangements on how the consultation will be conducted. You can submit an appointment request at anytime by going to the Private Appointment section of our website.


The first part of your fitting will center on a guided tour through our varied selection of fabric options. This experience will be tailored to your personal taste and preference.  This consultation normally takes approximately 30 minutes.

Our process is all about a personal relationship with our clients. Therefore, we do prefer to do your consultation in person. However, we realize that many of our clients have very busy schedules and may also live in different locations of the world. Therefore, we have created an online consultation center using our DP Technology to connect remotely. 

The one advantage of the online session is that it can take place during a wider selection of available times and can be done from the comfort of your home or office location anywhere in the world.


The second part of your fitting will require taking your body measurements. This session normally takes 10 - 15 minutes and will consists of capturing your various body measurements, body type and discussion around what "comfort" means for you when wearing your garment.

If you are not in a Devlon Paris fitting area, during your online consultation you will be provided with clear instructions on how to get your measurements completed in your local area. We will even call your local tailor in advance to make sure the process is as smooth as possible for you.

When you do a fitting with your local tailor, please remember that all measurements should be completed two ways. The first set of measurements should be "off the body", which means that the measure tape should be snug around your body. The second measurement should be taken in a way that shows how much "room" you would like for comfort when wearing your clothing. All of the details will be reviewed during your consultation and we will talk with your tailor to make sure it is a seamless process.


Once your measurements are completed, your Style Advisor will review the garment selections you have made and inform you of the next steps in the process. As a part of this review, you will be presented with the two programs that make up our #WELLSUITED initiative. Your input will then be requested as to which program you would like your purchase to support. If you have an online consultation, this will be presented to you at the end of your Style and Fabric experience.


Made to measure garments often require a bit of tweaking to ensure optimal fit. Our desire is for your garment to be of the highest quality and the best possible fit, therefore we arrange a follow up fitting appointment to ensure that your garment fits you as desired.

You can expect your garment to arrive in 4 - 6 weeks after payment is completed. If additional alterations are required, we will arrange to have these done at one of our approved alteration locations. We usually provide an alteration credit of up to $75. For remote clients, we will work with your local tailor to ensure the alterations are appropriate. Clear directions will be provided on the steps to take.

The final step is to wear your new garment and experience the amazing fit and confidence that is the staple of a Devlon Paris suit.