Understand the basics regarding fabric used for our suits, blazers and trousers

We offer a variety of fabric types that may be used when designing your suit and so we often get questions on the difference in thread counts and what that means for the final product.

Here is the short answer - the higher the thread count, the finer the grade of wool. You may believe that higher is always better when having your suit constructed. To a certain degree, you are correct in that assumption. We focus on quality and the better grade wool will always look better as a final product than many fabric blend suits that include materials like polyester.

However, there is more to consider when purchasing a suit that will be worn often. A "good" grade of wool is required but not always the highest possible grade. Our goal is to always guide you in the direction that will yield a garment that suits your lifestyle and garment care capabilities.

Understanding Thread Count
Our garment collections are designed around the thread count of the fabrics featured in the collection. This allows you to shop a wider selection within a select price range.

When you see 100s, 140s, 150s, etc., these numbers define the thread count of our garments. The numbers are the standards used for grading wool. Wool is graded using accepted standards related to the thickness of the natural fibers as measured in microns under a microscope. The higher the fabric count, the lower the micron count and thus the finer grade of wool. The finer the grade of wool, the better the garment feels.

Is Thread Count Everything?
We answer this question with yes and no. Yes, a higher thread count is going to yield a very nice garment with an amazing feel. No, because if you get a lower thread count that is cut by our skilled team of tailors and designed with our signature touches, you will still have an amazing fit for your suit.

Our approach is to be very honest with our clients about what will best suit their needs and lifestyle. This includes understanding your wardrobe goals and how often you expect to wear suits as a part of your daily routine. While it is true that a higher thread count will yield a lighter garment that feels superb on the body, we also focus on the fit of the fabric and the service our team provides around your purchase to ensure a highly satisfactory experience. No matter what selection you make, you will not be disappointed.

For example, if you are looking for a nice suit to wear on special occasions and have the means to properly care for it, we will likely recommend one of our finer fabric options for your suit construction. However, if you are seeking a suit that can be worn for more everyday use, we will likely guide you in the direction of one of our collections with fabrics that are more durable for daily wear from a collection such as our Signature Collection.

Our goal is to help you look your very best within your lifestyle and budget capabilities.