Q: Three Piece of Two Piece Suit?

A: We don't think you can ever go wrong with a three piece suit.


Yes, three piece is more formal but it's such a dapper look that is sure to cause heads to turn and acknowledge your presence. Also, the great thing about the three piece is that you can utilize it for many different looks. Without the vest, you have a nice two piece suit, for a more casual look, you can wear the vest with jeans.

The key is to make sure the three piece is fitted to your body type and not baggy for a clean, polished look.

A more touchy aspect of the three piece suit has to do with men that have a big belly. The challenge with the three piece suit is achieving an optimal fit that does not highlight your belly (unless you want to show it off to the world) and that flatters your appearance. The honest fact of the matter is that even with the darkest of colors, if the belly is too large, the three piece suit will not be a flattering look and you will likely want to veer towards a look that does not accentuate the stomach area.

However, if the three piece is still right for you, we love the versatility offered by this option.

Here are four easy looks you can achieve with a three piece suit:

  1. Formal Look (wearing full 3 piece suit)
  2. Professional Look (trousers and jacket without vest)
  3. Casual Look (couple jeans and shirt with suit vest)
  4. Casual Look (couple jacket with jeans)