4 Reasons The Pocket Square Is Essential

We've said it before and we'll say it again - we love the pocket square. It is likely because of this love that we are hard pressed to understand why every gentleman does not share our unyielding appreciation for this vital accent accessory.

Unlike more prominent garment accessories, the pocket square can satisfy the needs of both the conservative gentleman and the reckless fashion adventurer. However, at times, we all need a reminder regarding things that are completely awesome. So, consider this our gentlemanly reminder.

We do understand that some gentlemen are worried about going 'over the top' with the pocket square or concerned that they do not know how to properly fold it. If this is your concern, worry no more. Take a moment to read the Pocket Square section of our Style Guide and if you need more assistance, just contact us. We are always happy to provide personalized guidance.

Ok, back to the topic at hand - 4 Reasons The Pocket Square Is Essential.

Ensemble styled by GQ Magazine

Ensemble styled by GQ Magazine


A well-fitting tailored suit or blazer will always make you look amazing - especially when crafted and cut by Devlon Paris (shameless plug). However, the pocket square is the difference between a suit or blazer that silently makes you look amazing versus one that comes to life and speaks on your behalf when you enter a room.

It is pretty much like driving the latest Tesla Model S or Mercedes S class. On their own, these vehicles look amazing - sleek curves, fantastic handling, futuristic features - and you look pretty dapper in the driver's seat. However, when you add the extra details - the enhanced interior, the entertainment package, the customized license plate frame - it takes a great car to awesome.

The same is true of the pocket square. It is a gentleman's detail that takes a great fitting suit or blazer from good to amazing. If you do not believe us, we challenge you - start wearing an appropriate pocket square for a month. When you put on a suit or blazer without one you will notice that it feels lifeless.


Pocket Squares add subtle elegance and personality to even the most conservative of suits. Many gentlemen work in environments that do not allow for much variety in terms of suits, dress shirts or even neck wear.

However, the pocket square is usually the one subtle area that allows any individual the opportunity to highlight a bit of personality without causing too much of a scene.

Playful, confident, whimsical - all of these aspects of your personality can be highlighted in an inconspicuous manner with a pocket square that properly accents your suit or blazer.

It is a great way to be bold without rocking the boat. It is also a way to be unique in an otherwise monotone environment.


From a fashion and style viewpoint, the pocket square is a fantastic way to add both depth and contrast without much effort. A plain color suit or blazer accented with the proper pocket square provides contrast that is appealing to the eye and depth that adds to the sophistication of the wearer.


One of our favorite things about the pocket square is that it does not require a large financial commitment to invest in varied colors, textures and types. Unlike many garments and other accessories that require an investment to get quality, the pocket square is a staple that can be tried, varied and discarded without much financial risk.

Let's be clear, finer materials like designer squares and fine silk will still incur an investment. However, for a varied selection, we often recommend adding in cloth, variations of silk and even wool to provide a wider selection to choose from. We've even added these options to our accessory selection so that our gentlemen may have an expanded, less costly option when selecting pocket squares.

We could have extended this list to 10 or even 25 reasons the pocket square is essential but these four should be enough to get you started. If you haven't done so already - give the pocket square a try. We are sure you will love it.

To provide a little motivation and insight for potential newbies when it comes to pocket squares, we asked our Senior Style Director to pick three selections to get you started.

Check them out below and if you want more in depth information on accessorizing, take a look at our Senior Style Director's Style File video from his appearance on Good Day D.C.