Facial Exfoliation

If you have read about SpaCloth then you will know how we feel about the need for men to exfoliate their skin. Our product of choice to aid in the process is the SpaCloth. However, for this section, we want to really focus on the value of the exfoliation process and provide a few tips on how to do it.

We fully realize that this process is not a high priority item on the to do list for many men. But we think it should be. Taking good care of your skin tells the world much about who you are and your attention to personal details.

While some may suffer from skin problems that cannot be solved with exfoliation, for those of us that can achieve results from this process - we should be all means make it a part of the regular routine.

If the exfoliation process is not already a part of your regular routine, plan to start today. Don't worry, we will accept your "thank you" in advance once you see how great your skin looks and feels in a few weeks.

Play by Play for Exfoliation
The process for exfoliating and cleansing the skin need not be complicated. We keep emphasizing that it should be a part of your regular routine. This will make it something that you do not forget or neglect. As you exfoliate, remember that exfoliation of your body and your face will entail different approaches as they are two different types of body skin.

For the Face

  1. Be sure to have a good facial cleansing or foamer that will extract the dirt. 
  2. Use the cleanser along with your SpaCloth Deluxe to work it into a good lather and clean the face while also exfoliating the skin
  3. Follow the exfoliation process with the use of a good moisturizer that will stabilize the skin and hydrate the new skin you have exposed

For the Body

  1. The body process requires you to be in the shower and we think your should start by shampooing your hair to get out any dirt and grime.
  2. Next you want to use your SpaCloth product of choice to give your back a good scrub. The SpaCloth Original product is designed especially for exfoliating the back and feet due to its longer reach.
  3. Next move to the chest and stomach areas and give them a more gentle scrub than the back. The stomach area in particular has softer skin and may be a little more sensitive.
  4. Use a more gentle approach with your legs and delicate areas (like around the groin).
  5. If you are using the SpaCloth Original, you will find that next reaching your feet is much easier. Often times, the feet are forgotten but we think you need to give them attention so as to remain callous and bacteria free.
  6. Once the shower is complete, be sure to apply a skin moisturizer specifically designed for the body.